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The Porsche Gold Standard


Matthew Archer has just achieved his Porsche Gold accreditation for Technicians, he joins an elite number of 55 in the UK network at this standard and the second for Exeter

Achieving this level has taken Matt 11 years as he progressed through Bronze and Silver levels, attending training courses and passing an intense final assessment in November of 2022. We are very proud of this achievement.

Porsche Exeter has two technicians that are currently Porsche Gold Meister Certified. A Gold Meister Technician has to have a minimum of one year of experience with Porsche before he is eligible to become a Gold Meister Technician. The candidate must then work their way up from Bronze, Silver to Gold Meister level.

The Gold certification test is a hands-on practical test conducted at Porsche training headquarters once a year it is a pass-fail test that includes product knowledge and proper repair documentation. This is the same test standard that is conducted worldwide. After achieving the Gold Meister standard, the technician has to maintain certification quarterly and attend at least 40 hours of hands-on training at Porsche training annually. Porsche Exeter's two Gold Meister Technicians have truly mastered their craft - the art of taking care of your Porsche and we look forward to Matthew's expertise being used at Porsche Exeter.

For more information on Porsche Technician vacancies or training email info@porscheexeter.co.uk