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Porsche, Wallpaper* and Lusion are proud to present a cutting-edge blend of technology, art, and animation that encapsulates Porsche’s Driven by Dreams brand concept. The Driven by Dreams installation is a bold visualisation of a brand’s identity and ethos unlike anything ever seen before. Inspired by Ferry’s relentless pursuit of a dream, it bridges the world of the imagination with the virtual and the physical, illustrating how creativity blossoms into vivid life.

The film breaks the process of creative dreaming down into three distinct phases: starting with the visualisation process, before moving through to pursuing the idea, and ultimately the realisation and enablement of the original dream. ’The starting point is chaos, we began by looking at Ferry Porsche’s own experience and the human thought process,’ says Kwan. Working with cutting-edge generative software to create flowing ribbons and exploding galaxies of particles, the result is a short film that captures the emergence of stunning form from swirling abstraction.

Out of this apparent chaos comes a period of calm, as the firing neurons and particle clouds gradually simmer down and settle. ‘These pockets of calm represent the self-control and concentration Ferry Porsche would have needed in order to form his dream,’ Kwan explains. ‘They show his ability to block out the noise and move forwards.’ 

As the particles resolve from chaos into a tangible form, they appear to cascade through a dramatic landscape, following contours and streaming around obstacles. This visualisation of the creative process represents how tiny elements converge and coalesce to result in physical forms. For Ferry Porsche, that form was to become the very first Porsche sports car, the 356 ‘No 1’ Roadster, a dream that eventually inspired many others.

Porsche is a brand born out of a dream. This bold attitude and desire to follow a distinctive path remains at the heart of everything Porsche does. Ever since the 356, every car that bears the Porsche name is an example of this incredible ability to develop dreams into reality. Today’s all-electric Taycan is a fine example. As one of the world’s most elegant and accomplished electric vehicles, Taycan exemplifies Porsche’s synthesis of engineering and technology in the fulfilment of dreams.

Whether triumphing on the track, shaping pioneering technology, or reigning supreme on the road, Porsche encapsulates the realisation of bold ambitions and the forging of new dreams. The spiritual descendant of Porsche’s class-winning debut at Le Mans is the new Porsche 963 LMDh prototype, an ultra-light hybrid sports car created for 2023’s FIA World Endurance Championship series. Designed to run on renewable fuels, the 963 is set to become an endurance racing legend.

Porsche continues to build on this rich heritage, priding itself as a brand that is Driven by Dreams, committed to building a global community of brave and innovative dreamers, supporting their hopes, expectations and ambitions. As Ferry famously said, ‘those lucky enough to build a business out of a dream owe it to the world to be caretakers of dreams’, and here at Porsche Centre Exeter we strive to fulfil this ethos every day.

To find out further information on the enthralling new Porsche ethos, Driven by Dreams, or to watch the immersive short film discussed above follow the link below:

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To register your interest in our Driven by Dreams Event with Porsche Centre Exeter on 9 March 2023, please email the team at  info@porscheexeter.co.uk