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LDC Millbrook Track Day


Porsche Centre Exeter supported the LDC Track Day at Millbrook Proving Ground by bringing Porsche Taycan and 911 models to this exciting event offering Porsche enthusiasts the chance to push the cars to the limits in a safe and controlled environment. Located in Bedfordshire, England, the Millbrook Proving Ground is a private testing facility that boasts over 70km of test tracks and 38km of high-speed tracks, making it the perfect location for this adrenaline-fueled event.

The annual event held by LDC for their Private Equity clients is a full day's hospitality where guests are treated to a day of driving a range of Porsche models on the track with the guidance of experienced instructors. Participants have the opportunity to experience the performance and handling of  Porsche in a way that is not possible on public roads, as they test their skills on challenging courses designed to test their driving abilities.

The LDC Porsche Track Day at Millbrook Proving Ground is not only a chance to test Porsche's limits but also an opportunity to find out more about the range of Porsche ICE, Hybrid and Electric models available and experience the true capabilities of Porsche.

To find out about future test drive events please email the team at  info@porscheexeter.co.uk