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Porsche Winter Tyres and Wheels


As the colder months set in, you can maintain your vehicle’s performance potential with the benefits of winter wheels and tyres. This provides improved performance, greater safety and enhanced driving pleasure in cold, wet and other adverse weather conditions.

Typically, the average UK winter temperature is approximately 4°C, and often lower during commuting hours. Below 7°C the rubber compound in all summer tyres hardens, causing a drop in performance and an increase in braking distance by up to 12%*.

In addition, all Porsche tyres are N-rated to signify that they have been tested and approved for your vehicle. Whether a winter or summer tyre, this means they meet high standards for driving stability, comfort and fuel consumption. You can explore the range available for your car, including pricing, using the  Tequipment Finder  .

For more information or to order a set of winter wheels and tyres, please contact our Porsche Centre by emailing  info@porscheexeter.co.uk  or calling 01392 339543


* Summer tyres versus winter tyres. Braking with ABS on wet road surface, 50 to 0mph at 3°C.