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When it comes to the designing of a Porsche it is a unique experience.

From picking out the smallest of details that will help make your dream Porsche a reality, you can now get your own Porsche Designed Timepiece to match your car perfectly.

The Porsche Timepiece collection offers a unique relationship of design and function, with design expertise and exquisite engineering along with technology that has come from the field of motorsports, allowing the signature elements of the Porsche Design to set a whole new level of standards within watchmaking.

In our showroom, you can see our very own uniquely engineered watch which has been designed specifically for our centre.

Of course, you don’t need to have a Porsche to own one of these fantastic Timepieces, and you can see the full range of the watches on offer here .

For more information about the Porsche range or the Timepieces, contact our sales team by emailing  info@porscheexeter.co.uk  and we will be happy to assist you.