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Connect services for your Taycan – Porsche Connect Store

Connect services for your Taycan – Porsche Connect Store


The Porsche Connect Store offers digital performance accessories to enhance your sports car. The below functions are all available for your Taycan.

Active Lane Keeping

Keep on the right track. Unintentional straying from your lane is prevented and the system intervenes if it detects driver inattentiveness on well-developed country roads and on motorways at speeds between 0 and 210km/h.

Subscription: £18.00 / month – 3 months free

Unlimited: £759.00 one off

Find out more about Active Lane Keeping.


Porsche Connect

Your digital co-pilot. Firmly on the road and connected to the world. You’ll get a wide range of functions including innovative Navigation features, entertainment and information while on the move and a remote control for your Porsche.

3 years free.

Subsequent contract options: 1 month £39.00 / 1 year £359.00 / 3 years £869.00

Find out more about Porsche Connect.


Car Security Package

Make sure your vehicle is always by your side. Even greater protection against theft. The theft detection function and a Security Operating Centre that is available 24 hours a day, seven days a week mean you will be informed immediately in the event of theft. If your car is stolen, vehicle tracking will help secure your vehicle, so that it can be returned to you with the assistance of the local police. The Porsche Vehicle Tracking System is also recognised by insurance providers and may provide an insurance premium benefit.

Subscription: £269.00 / year

Find out more about the Car Security Package.

There are many Connect Services available for your Taycan and other Porsche models, all available in the Porsche Connect Store. Please email info@porscheexeter.co.uk to find out more.