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Taycan Training
Taycan Training

Taycan Sales Training Event


With the launch of the Taycan fast approaching, our sales team recently headed to Mallorca to learn and experience the capabilities of this innovative new car. 

The stunning new Taycan was unveiled on the first night of the event in the hotel basement. We entered via a dark corridor featuring an impressive light show and throbbing music as the Taycan drove slowly towards us. 

The next morning, we headed to the training centre. Carved into the mountains, this fantastic building offered breath-taking views outside - and fascinating ones inside thanks to the knowledge stations providing an interactive learning experience about the Taycan.

Then it was time to drive.

Accompanied by Porsche driving specialists, we took the Taycans on a road trip over the beautiful mountains of Mallorca. The route featured planned stops with workstations where we were able to delve deeper into the car’s capabilities – the entire team were in awe of the astonishing new Porsche.

On the final day, we were given a detailed look at the extensive technology in the new Taycan, including a fully exposed chassis showing all the incredible innovations, before taking to the track.

In a Taycan Turbo S featuring Launch Control we experienced 761PS (about 750BHP) and 1050NM of torque to sprint from 0 to 62 in 2.8 seconds. We also tested competitor cars on the track, which only served to highlight just how advanced and well developed the Taycan is. We then checked out the Turbo Chargers, whose liquid-cooled cables charge from 20% to 80% in around 15 minutes.

Overall, the team could barely put into words how impressed they were - the innovation, the technology and the capabilities of the Taycan were truly mind blowing. Our team cannot wait to share their Taycan expertise with you in 2020.

Please contact us 01392 573 237 or at info@porscheexeter.co.uk for more information on the new Taycan or any other model in the Porsche range.