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Introducing Porsche Product Specialists


 We are delighted to introduce our Porsche Product Specialists, members of the team who add another level of excitement and anticipation to the entire Porsche Centre Exeter experience.

Our Porsche Product Specialists are there to ensure that every aspect of the purchase experience is unique and memorable for all of our customers.

Efficient, customer focused and working alongside our Retail Managers, our Porsche Product Specialists provide an in-depth technical knowledge of the Porsche brand, making them an invaluable resource. They spend time with each guest, explaining the ins and outs of their Porsche and demonstrating the unique driving experience a Porsche can deliver. They will be there throughout your purchase process, ensuring our vehicles are prepared in readiness for collection, where they then play a major role in assisting the Retail Managers to ensure a smooth, uncomplicated and enjoyable handover.

The day you take delivery of your new Porsche is always exciting and, for most, a milestone. We are therefore delighted to introudce our Porsche Product Specialists to help this experience.

Connor, Porsche Product Speacialist commented "every experience should be unique".

As described by our specialists, “this modern approach to the purchase experience has developed as technology and the consumers’ demand for knowledge have both evolved. Our priority is executing the highest level of customer service and ensuring an excellent experience.”

Please contact us on 01392 573237 to speak to a member of our team, and one of Porsche Product Specialists.